Episode 4

Gifts of Numerology

Diving into conscious conversations about higher frequency awareness.

This conversation is with Cindy Van Arnam, Wealth Activator and Quantum Numerologist, passionate about the redistribution of wealth on the planet.

Joy and Cindy get into the topic of numerology, how it began for them and where it can take you in life and business.

  • 03:15 - Cindy's introduction to numbers and how it started
  • 05:00 - Where numerology originates
  • 09:21 - How do we know what's going on with numbers
  • 12:39 - How numerology affects working with clients and yourself
  • 17:00 - Where numbers show up
  • 21:21 - Party trick
  • 22:35 - The science of it
  • 30:00 - Last thoughts

Learn more about Cindy Van Arnam at https://cindyvanarnam.com/

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